Please Read these rules first, before you start, doing anything.

Chatroom Rules/Policies

  1. Do not curse
  2. No Trolling
  3. Be nice to others.
  4. Advertising to other Wiki's chats is prohibited.
  5. Spamming is EXTREMELY Prohibited, if you are a spammer, moderators and Admins will ban you for life.
  6. English only, other languages are not allowed on chat.

Regular Rules/Policies

If you are going to make a page, please make sure that all content, must be APPROPRIATE! If you have put any inappropriate images, or words, admins on this wiki, will block you from putting inappropriate stuff on a page, or a page has been made and also the content will be removed. Vandalizing on this wiki is prohibited, if any vandalizied pages are done, we will block you, if you vandalize a page, or any of the users profiles, on this wiki. Also, your edit must be in english only! Other languages are not allowed. Please obey these rules at ALL TIMES!

Thank you

From the Founder of this wiki.