Princess Luna is from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Princess luna by alexiy777-d4y6kqa

Equestria Girls Version

Pony AppearanceEdit

In MLP, she has dark navy blue fur, with clear and blue sparkling hair, a black crown on her head, she has a long tall unicorn horn, and a dark necklace, with the moon on it, and has wings to fly, a cutie mark which the moon (stands for night), and she has somewhat of a light blue shoes on her hooves, and teal colored eyes.

Human AppearanceEdit

In the Equestria Girls movies, she has light purple and blue hair (but not sparkling), she has a white collar with the moon on it, purple shirt, she has very light navy blue skin, navy blue pants, and purple socks, and white shoes.

Other InformationEdit

  • In MLP, she lives in the castle in Canterlot in Equestria, wit Princess Celestia (her sister), and she goes into pony's dreams to stop nightmares, before they come to the dreams, that ponies dream about.
  • In Equestria Girls, shes the vice principal of Canterlot High School.