Metal Halide is also a light source, they are used in shop lighting, roadway, or parking lots. The elements have mercury and chemicals of halide, but mercury vaporizes first, and theres two electrodes, and a starting electrode to start the lamp. The ANSI code is "M" with the number next to it, for example: ANSI code: M59 = 400 watt Metal Halide.

Whats so special about it.Edit

MH lamps have white tips on the ends of the quarts arc tube, which it does make the Halide stay vaporized, with out it, it will not vaporize.

In Different type of wattsEdit

  • 50 watt
  • 70 watt
  • 100 watt
  • 150 watt
  • 175 watt
  • 200 watt
  • 250 watt
  • 320 watt 
  • 350 watt
  • 400 watt
  • 450 watt
  • 600 watt
  • 750 watt
  • 1000 watt
  • 1500 watt

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1000 watt MH bulb

Light colorEdit

MH lamps appear to be daylight or some other color white color

Burnning outEdit

Some MH lamps burn out cause of electode wear, but others cycle, and arc tube gets very blackened when used and burnned out.

Warnings about MH lampsEdit

There are some warnings about MH that, once people are under it, it explodes and hot cemicals and or materials can fall on them, and cause an injury, or death. Now they have Special machines that check the arc tube to make sure that they have no absolute cracks.