Halogen lights are known as to be made out of a thick filament with a type of gas in it, inside of a quarts shell. These are made to replace incandscent bulbs, these types of lamps will get extremely hot. Also, avoid touching the quarts on it, when it heats up it will likely to explode during operation, which could risk of a fire hazard if dropped on flammable objects.

Types of Halogen BulbsEdit

They are many different types of halogen bulbs, they come in a regular shaped "A19" bulb but with the halogen bulb inside it, there are also linear type halogen bulbs, for some outdoor lights and work lights. There are also low voltage halogen bulbs for landscape lighting and for automobiles, they go on 12 volts. There are also flood type ones that can be put into a track light fixture.

Hazards of Halogen LightingEdit

  • Do not touch the quarts casple. Why, cause its going to explode when in operation.
  • The lamp will get EXTREMELY HOT in operation. Do not touch it, let it cool when burned out.