Fire Lite Alarms is an American company, who is owned by Honeywell, and the company makes, fire alarm control panels, pull stations, adressable smoke detectors (for adressable panels), and digital communicators. Its located in Northford, Connecticut.


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The company first started by Edward Levy, and his son, Herbert, in the 1940's. By the time, the company installed, and serviced their devices, but, Levy begins to do his focus, and building his own devices in 1962. The company had to stop installing their systems. As the growth of the company, the had to move to a big building. The time has come to them, the introduced their adressable panels, plus of their pulls stations. The BG 10 pull station is introduced in 1983, but discontinued, and also in the favor of the BG 12 pull stations, in 1993.

Fire Lite BG 12 Pull Station

MS5UD3 1

Fire Lite MS-5UD-3

In Present DayEdit

Now in these days, the company is owned by Honeywell, and still making progress through the years, as they still make their panels, and devices.


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