Compact Fluorescent Lights known for short "CFL". They were first PL bulbs with a starter in it, but still used today, and now with new CFLs, they also have built in ballast, on the bottom of the screw in base. There are some brand manufactures that make CFLs are GE, Slyvanna, Phillips, and Utilitech, and Feit Electric. But some of them, are Ultra Violet as for short: UV, lamps.

7 watt pl fluorescent bulb

7 watt PL Fluorescent light, 2700K

PL CFL bulbsEdit

PL means Plug in bulbs, require a ballast adaptor, and or a fixture. But, Manufacures do not make the adaptor, except the bulbs.

Puvh2305 400

5 watt UV/Germicadical PL Bulb

The Early CFLsEdit

When PL bulbs were easy to burn out after each turn on of a switch. Now, some Maunufacutrues make the U - tube or welded cfls. After that, Manufacture companies, wanted something different, so they went to the spiral, type CFLs.

Lighting cfl triple tube 02768 78780 zoom

Phillips Marathon 13 watt CFL 2800k soft white

Todays CFLsEdit

Well, CFLs are manufactured every single year, and decided to make different type of shape of the bottom, which is a bit differnt.


GE Reveal 26 watt CFL bulb

Different Color temperturesEdit

CFLs have many different color tempertures are:

2700K = Warm White

2800K = Soft white

5000K = Cool White

6500K = Daylight

2900K = Reveal, soft white

Warnings of using CFLsEdit

Once on every day, its life begins to run out, and burns out. After many days of use, you will hear a pop, from the cathodes, meaning it has been burn out. But sometimes the explode, cause of high pressure, and it cause some fatal injuries. It can even cause a house fire, if shorted out, or over volted.